Special Forces Candidate (18X)

Special Forces Candidate (18X)


Special Forces Teams are among the most specialized combat forces in the Army. They experience rigorous mental and physical training in order to carry out their missions in a quick and extremely effective manner. Special Forces candidates are guaranteed the opportunity to “try out” for Special Forces. It does not guarantee that the recruit will be accepted into the Special Forces program. It only guarantees that the recruit will be given the opportunity to see if he has what it takes to become a member of one of the most highly-skilled, combat ready forces in the world.

There are four entry-level Special Forces Military Occupational Specialties. The decision of which specialty you will be trained in is based on your background, aptitude, desire and the needs of the Army:

* Special Forces Weapons Sergeants are the weapons specialists and tacticians. They’re capable of operating and maintaining a wide variety of U.S., Allied, and other foreign light and heavy infantry weapons, and in infantry tactics.
* Special Forces Engineer Sergeants are specialists across a wide range of disciplines; from demolitions and constructions of field fortifications, to topographic survey techniques.
* Special Forces Medical Sergeants are considered to be the finest first-response/trauma medical technicians in the world.
* Special Forces Communications Sergeants can operate every kind of communications gear, from encrypted satellite communications systems to UHF and VFH systems.



  1. 2yrs of training i get that but would that consist of 2yrs of training before ever being assigned to a post? Im thinking 2yrs of BCT on meth! No time off, m-s possibly. no living to do anything that doesnt pretain to the unit. correct me if im wrong

  2. +Naamtar thanks bro. I am tired of the civilian life and wanted to go the 18x route, but I hear reading nightmares on the interwebs with 18x. Option 40 FTW 😉

  3. I have a dumb question.  On duty or on missions, what kind of gear does a Special Forces Medical Sergeant carry with him?  Or rather have available to him in his pack?

  4. If they find out you have asthma you'll be dropped from the military, period.

    Do what most people do and tell the recruiter you have no medical records, if you do not divulge where you received care they will not dig it up. There is not some vast database of civilians and every medical procedure they've ever had for the Government to dig into, yet.

    Join at your own risk. If you have an asthma attack at any point in service you will be kicked out.

  5. I have no idea what the pass rate differences are, or how they might fudge the numbers to make it look like an 18X contract has more successful ratings. The fact still remains, if you are not Green Beret material you will be washed out to an MOS of the Army's choosing, lose whatever signing bonus you had in your contract, and sit at a shit job for 4 years regretting your actions. People who were meant to be Green Beanies become Green Beanies, better to earn it through Batt. than rush into it.

  6. For those being suckered into an 18X contract by your recruiters – DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. It's basically a giant wash out in order for the Army to fill it's ranks with MOS's that they cannot fill through people who volunteer. Get an OPT40 in your contract as an 11B, 13X or 68W – and if you have what it takes to become a Green Beret you WILL be chosen after Ranger School. It's as simple as that, and a much safer career choice.

  7. you make more and more sense every time you respond, not a punk kid who did some research and now thinks he knows everything. I am someone who knows exactly what he is talking about…and just top is a very common expression for 1SGs in the US Army, however your information on the USSF is very misinformed…for a black hawk mechanic that wants to be SF so bad he can't stand it!! MAN UP GO TO SFAS ..AND QUIT TALKING SHIT.

  8. Because youre some kid wannabe who did some research and thinks he knows all. In any case my mentor a fucking retired First Sergeant(also called top kick, top sergeant or just Top as im sure you never heard these terms) and he shits bigger than you.

  9. Right, soooo…why are you wrong then? are you another wannabe, and is your mentor a wannabe or a made up person to give your story some credibility? either way ..the facts are the facts, just go to Google and look into it. It wouldn't take but a few mins for someone with basic typing skills to figure out you are full of shit…I can post a link to the facts if you would like…YOU ARE FUCKING FULL OF SHIT.

  10. Obviously youre the mistake that didnt do the backstroke when you saw your mamas rotten core, Im pretty sure the guy whose mentor served 2 tours with 5th group(me) knows more than you would.

  11. you are a fuck stick… linguist isn't an MOS in the 18 series and neither is operations SGT. there are only weapons 18B, engineer 18C, medic 18D, commo 18E..and once qualified and have served on a team for some time then you can become an 18F intel. And what exactly isnt easy once you learn the ins and outs?? I believe you speak from and outside perspective and should educate your self before speaking about this community again.

  12. Ok 18X is like a holding MOS, until youre selected or chose either medic, weapons sergeant, linguist or operations sergeant. You can chose SF off the bat, its just a matter of what specialty, Id say do weapons sergeant, the ins and out of firearms are easy once you learn

  13. lasik is a no go for special forces, prk and lasek work. This is from what I've heard, however. Is it a bad idea to get the surgery prior to enlistment?

  14. I'd have to say that this is rare for someone to enlist and be on the ball for the whole show. even option 40 Rangers are overwhelmed going from basic to ait then airborne then ranger assessment. I was planted in my unit before I even considered going to Ranger school. I had to go to RIP in my day because I wasn't an option 40.

  15. In response to the many questions I see posted below, this video was intended for the enlisted soldier or recruit desiring to enter into the 18X Special Forces Training Pipeline which for the Army Active Duty would be E4 and below Prior Service or Non Prior Service and for the Army National Guard would be Non Prior Service. I would recommend contacting an Active Duty or National Guard Recruiter for the most current requirements as they change often. Many of the answers below are incorrect.

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