President Obama on Cybersecurity

President Obama on Cybersecurity


Alex Wilhelm recaps President Obama’s speech today at Stanford University.

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  1. What he neglected to mention is that the threat he speaks of is, as has always been, the threat against government.
    When the day comes that people will fully and whole-heartedly trust in our governments to be and act in accordance to our laws, both in national and international affairs, then people will support such an action, but as of right now, I would say fat chance.

  2. WIth Obama trying to grasp control of the internet, the FCC Bill hasn't passed Congress yet & there is a National Boycott AGAINST any US Government control of the internet. People are threatening to walk away from their ISP contracts at the end of Feb if the Bill passes, because the Government grasp will change the basic nature & use of the internet, jeopardizing the free & open community's freedom of speech & expression. So he doesn't have much pull anywhere. Thumbs down & thank God for that!

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