Deb Davis General Dynamics Information Technology

Deb Davis General Dynamics Information Technology



Deb Davis
Vice President for Geospatial Programs
General Dynamics Information Technology

Q: General Dynamics Information Technology is known for its IT support to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, in particular the stand-up and outfitting of ongoing IT operations at New Campus East. What other ways does General Dynamics support the geospatial customer?

A: General Dynamics has been a leading provider of deployed analysts for many years, supporting CONUS and OCONUS deployments of imagery, geospatial and full motion video analysts. Our deployed support also includes SATCOM experts and IT engineers. We also support several development programs specific to existing mission systems with testing support and other subject-matter expertise. As the lines between the infrastructure service provider and applications service provider begin to blur, we are focusing more and more on delivering the mission IT capabilities that enable and advance the new analytic environment.

Q: What is an example of these capabilities?

A: General Dynamics designed and implemented the largest single-site virtual desktop environment in the intelligence community, with over 35,000 desktops supporting a global workforce from two IC agencies. General Dynamics pushed the envelope of scale, application virtualization and resiliency with virtual desktop. While this solution enabled enhanced capability to corporate users, graphic and compute intensive workloads were not ideally suited in this environment. To address these intensive mission workloads, General Dynamics designed and built the next tier of performance, which enables analysts around the world to collaborate on large mission data sets and produce timely and relevant intelligence.

This solution eliminates the need for a complex dissemination system, dedicates infrastructure and agency specific communications and enables mission exploitation from any device with data connection. It provides a tactical exploitation capability previously unavailable and has been used in forward-deployed locations with austere communications, on board ships and in support of special forces operations. This is a service that allows a consumer to review and manipulate information, much like when we download movies from a streaming video service. A viewer doesn’t actually download the movie to the TV. Instead, the viewer watches a stream of pixels being generated from where the movie is hosted, probably a data center. Similarly, when the viewer pauses or rewinds the movie, they are actually sending commands to where the movie is hosted, not locally to the TV. This enables a similar environment for intelligence analysts and warfighters.

Q: How does General Dynamics support key NGA customers, such as special forces?

A: General Dynamics has been entrusted with supporting critical special operations forces missions. Virtually anywhere on the planet where you find a USSOCOM SOF C2 node, you will find us there alongside. Whether it is ensuring connectivity for special forces out on mission, or providing command and control or intelligence sharing with multinational coalition partners, General Dynamics is right there enabling mission success. As a premier provider of IT services to the warfighting community, General Dynamics stands with special operations forces warriors as they execute missions of critical national importance. With over 1,000 professionals engaged in supporting SOF missions worldwide, many of whom served in the SOF community, General Dynamics is uniquely positioned to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for the unique, lethal strike capability that special operators bring to the fight.

Q: General Dynamics recently stood up a commercial solutions group. How does this fit with your more traditional military and government customer?

A: General Dynamics has provided commercial and public sector products and services to a wide array of customers for decades. Our new Commercial Solutions Group leverages General Dynamics’ expertise in cyber and IT combined with an innovative business and service delivery model tailored to meet the requirements of the commercial market. This approach allows General Dynamics Information Technology Commercial Solutions to bring lessons learned from securing our defense and intelligence clients’ most sensitive networks and infrastructure to the commercial and private-sector markets. This commercial endeavor will also increase our value to customers across the DoD, IC and commercial markets in an as-a-service model pervasive across industry today. The result allows General Dynamics to consistently remain at the forefront of emerging mission requirements across our valued customers in the DoD, IC and commercial markets.

Q: What unique benefits does your company provide its customers in comparison with other companies in your field?

A: For General Dynamics, we routinely deploy world-class, cutting-edge IT. What distinguishes General Dynamics is how we translate what we know about the customer mission (today and future) to mold large-scale IT systems to optimize customer mission success. Large-scale IT systems and communications networks are the strategic and operational heart of defense, intelligence, civilian government and private business. Everything depends on them, from ensuring mission success to transforming enterprises to navigating the challenges of the future. Achieving these goals requires more than traditional IT solutions. Strong solutions demand strong IT and mission knowledge: the integration of forward-looking technology, strategy, domain understanding and management. This is our approach at General Dynamics. ♦