Protonex SPM-622 Squad Power Manager

Protonex SPM-622 Squad Power Manager


The SPM dramatically reduces the number and variety of batteries needed by today’s dismounted warfighter, while actively monitoring and managing power usage to assure mission success.

  • Manages and prioritizes battery usage
  • Powers man-packable gear and man-worn gear
  • Recharges military and commercial batteries
  • Optimizes solar/alternative power sources
  • Monitors power sources and loads, alerting warfighter to problems
  • Dynamically adjusts to changing mission needs
  • Fully submergible for use in all weather
  • Data logging for mission analysis and planning

    Protonex’ unique system design combines leading edge advances in ultra-high efficiency power conversion, equipment power management, and energy harvesting technology in one product to offer benefits available nowhere else. The SPM system design offers a lightweight, compact, and rugged intelligent power management solution designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions of military field use. This unit directly powers virtually any man-packable military equipment, recharges a squad’s batteries, and intelligently adjusts to changing mission conditions or requirements.

    The SPM-622 features six bidirectional ports – so it can power five devices from a single battery, charge five batteries from a solar panel or other energy source, or any combination. For example, it can charge two batteries from solar while also powering two radios and a laptop – all at the same time.

    The intelligent power manager is fully automatic – simply plug in your kit, and it recognizes each device and knows what to do. If you plug in a solar panel and a battery, it knows to charge the battery from the solar panel. If you plug in a battery, two radios, and a computer, it knows to power the devices from the battery. The SPM pays attention to power compatibility and safe charging, and does the right thing – so you can stay focused on your mission.

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