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Terry Ryan is the federal government sales manager for LizardTech, responsible for selling and distributing the company’s suite of software products. LizardTech specializes in software for compressing, managing, distributing and accessing large digital content, especially geospatial imagery, map data and LIDAR data. Ryan, a graduate of Loras College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing and advertising, has a long history of working in sales, marketing and channel development for the geographic information systems, remote sensing and computer-aided design industries.

Q: Your company recently launched GeoExpress 9.5. What are some of its key capabilities, and how can they benefit military and intelligence customers?

A: GeoExpress has evolved from a simple compression engine to a set of powerful image-processing tools that improve the workflow of any organization. Earlier versions of GeoExpress provided several beneficial features for GEOINT and warfighter support teams who have strategic, event-based and tactical action requirements. Prior improvements worth mentioning include improved processing speed through multi-core processor support, flexible image manipulation and creation, an easy-to-use interface and unconstrained deployment in highly secure, fixed, remote and disconnected environments.

With GeoExpress 9.5, users can now compress LiDAR data to MrSID and LAZ formats natively with our LiDAR point cloud compression workflow. This will allow users of ortho-imagery and LiDAR data to access a common interface for all their compression needs. We’ve also introduced batch color balancing and multi-polygon cropping functionality. Batch color balancing allows for the color adjustment of one image and the application of those settings to many other images. The ability to define image cropping regions with single polygon or multi-polygon shapefiles allows users to deliver the exact image regions that they’re interested in. It’s even possible to create separate images from each polygon. We’ve worked very hard to provide features that will benefit our military and intelligence users, and we hope that they find them useful.

Q: Along with the continued proliferation of unmanned aerial vehicles come huge volumes of data in the form of imagery. How does GeoExpress benefit UAV users and their data collection?

A: GeoExpress 9.5, as part of our Express Suite solution, provides easy-to-use tools for UAV data collectors who would like to compress and easily manage their data collections. Additionally, our tools make it possible to increase the speed of delivery and range of distribution of UAV data. We have seen a strong adoption rate of GeoExpress software among the UAV/ UAS community from three perspectives: existing GeoExpress users who have acquired UAVs or have received UAS-generated data sets; new users who have entered the professional-grade mapping sector with a UAV platform; and our many partners and customers who have integrated UAS into their daily operations. For example, the Buckeye program at the Army Geospatial Center, Army Corps of Engineers, is an early adopter of UAVs and the UAS-associated workflows, including GeoExpress’s MrSID image compression and the dissemination of that data to their customers. GeoExpress 9.5 provides UAV users with powerful image editing tools, interoperability with current and future applications, and storage savings.

Q: What are some of the other important ways in which you are currently delivering value to the defense and intelligence community?

A: We have seen a trend in our defense and intelligence community towards implementations in highly tactical, forward-deployed, mobile application and rapid response missions. LizardTech’s value to this community comes from increasing the speed of compression, mosaicking, selective footprint extraction, dissemination and visualization of hi-res compressed data.

Q: Where do you see the company moving in the future to continue to support national security customers?

A: We will continue to support an ever-changing and challenging global national security mission through the advent of new geospatial data management and discovery solutions. Our current products are in demand by national security organizations all over the world. Along with our U.S. government users in the defense and civilian sectors, our users include national governments, secure energy producer organizations and critical infrastructure owners and operators across the globe.

Countries currently using our products include Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Oman, Brazil, Australia, Singapore and the Philippines. We expect this trend to continue not only because of GeoExpress 9.5, but also thanks to the consistent revitalization of all our software offerings. We continue to benefit from customer loyalty and continued commitment to our MrSID image compression format. ♦