Vic Hyder

Vic Hyder


Vic Hyder is a combat-decorated career Navy SEAL commander and past founder/CEO of a maritime security firm. As a recipient of the Silver Star with a master’s degree in strategic thinking and campaign planning, he has led and coordinated highly classified missions worldwide.

Q: Please tell us how Silent Circle formed and your top goals for 2014.

A: In 2011, Mike Janke, a former teammate of mine, approached cryptography legend Phil Zimmermann (Internet hall of fame, creator of Pretty Good Privacy) and Jon Callas, creator of Apple’s Whole Disk Encryption, about a potential partnership: working together to create the world’s first private encrypted communications network.

The idea was to invent a system with simple tools to allow people to communicate without fear of interception, and help protect our right to privacy and free speech in the Internet age. Silent Circle is about curated cryptography, serving law-abiding, privacy-minded customers in the face of ever-more-sophisticated threats and seemingly innocuous infringements to civil liberties.