Solkoa S3 Survivor kit.

Solkoa S3 Survivor kit.


The SOLKOA Survival Systems (S3) line of products is manufactured by SOLKOA Inc., a leading provider of products and training for those who work abroad in the most austere regions, who demand professional grade equipment and innovative survival tools that function without fail…in the worst of conditions…every time.

The S3 System

S3 uses eight survival needs as the building blocks for all of its products.  Those survival needs are: Signal, Navigation, Fire, Shelter, Tools, Medical, Water and Food.

Components are items that support one or more survival need.

Modules are a group of components that meet one specific survival need.

Kits are a group of components that meet all 8 survival needs to  varying degrees based on the size and/or use of the kit.

The Core Kit is slightly over a pound and includes the following

Lightweight Day/Night Mirror Adhesive Bandages, assorted
Rescue Whistle, SOLAS Antiseptics (2), Alcohol (2) & Iodine (2)
Hi-Vis Flagging Tape Antibiotic Ointment (2)
LED Pinch Light, Whit Topical Ointment, Burn & Itch
Micro Baseplate & Compass Pain Relief Medications
Romer Scale Antihistamine
Small Fresnel Lens, 4x Anti-diarrheal
Waterproof Paper (10) Electrolyte Tabs
Small Pencil w/ Eraser Scalpel Blade
Waterproof Map Pouch WATER
FIRE Compact Water Filter, 30 gal.
Faststrike Sparking Rod Water Purification Tabs (6)
Fastfire Tinders (1) Water Bags, 1 liter (2)
Beeswax Candle, 4 hr.+ Oral Rehydration Salts
Stormproof Matches (10) FOOD
Wax-Cotton Tinder Tabs (4) Heavy Duty Foil, 1.5 ft. x 3 ft.
Heavy Wax Kindling Tabs (2) Folding Utility Blade
SHELTER Can Opener, P-38
Heat Reflecting Blanket, 1.0 mil. Seasoning Pack
Nylon Paracord, Type III, 20 ft. Food Bar, 400 cal.
Bug Repellent Wipes (2)
Sunscreen Lotion, 0.25 oz. (2)
Eye Pro, Wrap, 100% UV Block
Mini Multi-Tool, IDL T-10
Folding Saw, Metal Cutting  
Duct Tape, 24 in. Flat Pack
Kevlar Cordage, 15 ft.
Repair Kit, Fabric
Wire, Bailing, 20 ga., 3ft.
Zip Ties, 6 in. (4)